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Mud Pump

P-2200 Triplex Mud Pump

l The gear is forged with high-quality steel. Highprecision gear grinding, surface quenchingand other advanced technologies are applied to improve the gear engagement

accuracy and service life, offering small vibration and stable operation whichis helpful for collection and transmission of downhole data and drilling ofshale oil and gas wells.


l Finite Element Analyzed design

l Strict Process Control-UT, MT and other NDT method application

l Integral forging for the key transmission parts

Easy Maintenance

l Easier replacement for cylinder liner and piston due to clamps connection

l L-type hydraulic cylinder arrangement allows individual operation of input cylinder valve and valve seat, which lead to convenient and faster replacement

High Performance

l Large discharge, max 78l/s for P-2200

l Dependable high-pressure design with a maxi. working pressure 51.7Mpa for P-2200

l Wide range of application, suitable for high pressure and large discharge mud pump for land and offshore deep well drilling work

Additional Advantages

l Compact size, convenient for transportation and easy for installation

l Both metric and imperial cylinder liner and piston are available

l Flexibility for easy modification and customized requirements to fit different drilling environment

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